Ice Cube

The bear himself

Ice Cube

Meet Ice Cube. Ice Cube and I go just about everywhere together. It always surprises me how much attention one bear can get!

on top

He is a great hiking companion.

Ice Cube faithfully carries all my personals. Now I have one rule- my cell phone- my keys- my pencils and notepad. My everything- I put it all into Ice Cube. He’s my manager.

a true gaze

Ice Cube & Keeny Paige at her office.

In public, sometimes I hear people exclaim, “there’s a bear on your back!” P.S.A.: I’m glad you are getting a chuckle from Ice Cube and I, but this joke is getting very old. I am open to new ‘girl with teddy bear backpack’ jokes. Seriously, add some variety to a girl’s life.



FAQ’s: “Is Ice Cube your security blanket?” Nope. I often forget Ice Cube at home. This might hurt his feelings, but ultimately Ice Cube is the embodiment of the term ‘chiller’.

icecubePH 015

Ice Cube = enjoying what makes you happy.

I have only had Ice Cube for a few years now, but I have a feeling he’ll be sticking around for a long time.  I have repaired his strap three times now- and I’m sure one day I’ll be replacing his zipper.


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