Vintage Children’s Play Dress

I feel so honored when clients trust me with their treasured vintage items. A client contacted me about this tiny organza girls play dress- unfortunately in pieces. I told her to bring it on in.

VCPD organza close up

Completed Vintage Play Dress. Organza falls so beautifully.

The lace details and color of this dress were stunning!  I new I was destined to repair it.

VCPD lace zoom

Antique lace, close up.

I noticed the seamstress of this little wonder had employed the ‘French Seam’ to solve the problem of finishing the organza seams. I did the same with silk thread.

VCPD french one

French seam, step one.

When creating a French seam, first sew your fabric pieces together wrong side to wrong side. It may feel so strange to be sewing right on top of the fashion side of your fabric pieces! Fret not- it’ll all make sense soon.

craftfair 057

French waist seam, step one.


Once you’ve sewn wrong side to wrong side- clip your seam allowance back to an even ¼ inch. Or use whatever width you’d like- it’ll be the width of your end seam, plus about an extra 1/8 or 1/16 of an inch.


French seam, step two.

Then iron the seam flat- as see under my machine foot here. Stitch the seam again- making the right sides of the pattern pieces show on the outside. I love using this seam!

VCPD closure

Side seam snap closure and eye for bow tie sash hook.

I love how this play dress has multiple steps for the child to put on, snap, and tie.

VCPD Top Down cut

Repairs are completed to the organza vintage dress.

This dress also has a beautiful matching separate lining. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of it! It was made of a terrific silk. It added another step to the play time process and solves the translucent issue.


I wish this fit me!

The client was ecstatic about the repairs I had done when she came to pick it up the dress. She left my office happy and ready to send the dress off on its journey to her niece for dress up play time.

Ice Cube

The bear himself

Ice Cube

Meet Ice Cube. Ice Cube and I go just about everywhere together. It always surprises me how much attention one bear can get!

on top

He is a great hiking companion.

Ice Cube faithfully carries all my personals. Now I have one rule- my cell phone- my keys- my pencils and notepad. My everything- I put it all into Ice Cube. He’s my manager.

a true gaze

Ice Cube & Keeny Paige at her office.

In public, sometimes I hear people exclaim, “there’s a bear on your back!” P.S.A.: I’m glad you are getting a chuckle from Ice Cube and I, but this joke is getting very old. I am open to new ‘girl with teddy bear backpack’ jokes. Seriously, add some variety to a girl’s life.



FAQ’s: “Is Ice Cube your security blanket?” Nope. I often forget Ice Cube at home. This might hurt his feelings, but ultimately Ice Cube is the embodiment of the term ‘chiller’.

icecubePH 015

Ice Cube = enjoying what makes you happy.

I have only had Ice Cube for a few years now, but I have a feeling he’ll be sticking around for a long time.  I have repaired his strap three times now- and I’m sure one day I’ll be replacing his zipper.